Extra oil


New member
May 20, 2024
Maybe I'm writing this in vain, and maybe a lot of people will support me, but in the game when you are at a level above atomic, there is too much oil that fills the storage and it does not come out to spend on anything. While the construction and improvements in the library and the university are being investigated for oil, I accumulate oil to the limit very quickly and I wait with a full storage for another 2-3-4 days to be able to spend oil on at least something, because there is nothing to spend it on, I propose to introduce oil as the 3 currency of payment for walls, bastions, or to make improvements for the alliance for oil so that I could spend 40-50-80 thousand oil every day on some alliance improvements , or some modifications to my base , I could carry out or change oil for materials from the manufactory or for fragments in the museum .Personally, I have the age of space, the limit of oil is 280 thousand, I can easily fill this limit with oil in 20-30 minutes, completely and so I made a purchase for oil and then again I can't sell it anywhere