• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

Game freeezes immediately after loading.

Fisher King

Approved user
May 10, 2015
Playing on my android mobile device (Samsung Note 10+), upon starting up the game it freezes once my base appears. There's no way to contact customer service in game since the only option is to close the app. Really disappointed with the whole DomiNations experience right now, coming so soon after the instant retrain (or whatever) bug was cleared up.