Has anybody upgraded the Dock?


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Mar 24, 2017
Althalus Some good suggestions.

I am fine with them not increasing supply availability, but they either need to nerf the level 7 dock supplies or increase them to be better than that at all subsequent levels, or this whining about rolling back the dock will never end.

And if they want to limit supply availability, limit researcher and benefactor availability as well. To max an artifact to level 5, we need 2800 supplies and 200 or less each of researchers and benefactors. To balance the numbers, we should be able to get 15 times as many supplies as researches and benefactors. I think that means we should only have one expedition that provides those things (maybe one two day that gives some of each), and all the other places they are offered should get other rewards back (peace treaties, blessings, ntgs, etc).

And right now, the Cold war dock looks like no one put any time or thought into it. Two identical expeditions with rewards having nothing to do with the destination? Three different expeditions for the same global age troop cards? Any of us could have done better just picking from a list of the existing troop cards and at least finding something coherent to pair, even if we didn't want to go to the effort to make new ones.
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