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Nexon solving problems


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Sep 26, 2016
Nb4powerup said:
I've spoken with TinSoldier and he did investigate this. Seems the conversation was over in Discord via pm. He has the team looking for the issue and what caused it but in this case, we can't restore glory.
This post is for Max_imus benefit, plus I'm curious. :)
Nb4powerup , if you can't ''restore'' glory, how about just ''giving'' glory? You know, just adjust the amount?
I can't see the difference between awarding someone 100 crowns or giving them some glory. It's only numbers after all, it should be easy enough for the programmers.


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Sep 18, 2017
Yes, we all remember that perks meltdown when many alliances become level 1 overnight, and developers managed to restore it. But now they can't? How is that possible, i really don't understand? They can restore alliance xp but can't restore alliance glory points?!?


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Aug 29, 2015
I'm not saying they shouldn't help you, but they can't help everyone. Our alliance lost thousands of glory due to the >100% destruction exploit. We would legitimately stalemate alliances in war, but some alliances knew how to intentionally exploit to get more than 100% destruction, and therefore win the war. We never got compensation.


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Jul 12, 2017
yes, they should just give glory. the only reason why not is a bad policy.

i'm thinking that there is a political/management problem; the 'trickle down' of unresolved problems on different levels, technical and otherwise, is it's hallmark. i've seen it enough in different problematic groups.
it's a real shame; domi is more compelling and generally better than it's competitor by design but it seems to have a maturity problem.
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Apr 7, 2016
Umm.. I think they just don't care that much. There are so many problems, that is business as usual. It isn't like it is a perfectly functioning game and then a problem pops up, so they all jump on it. It is their M.O.

Some companies are just like this.

Kaiser Shag

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Aug 21, 2016
When reading the title I thought the post would look like this :

dev1 : did you see the new bug report ?
dev2 : no, what does it say ?
dev1 : don't know, I didn't read it, I was busy by preparing the new crown offer event.
dev3 : I have read it !
dev1 : so what did it say ?
dev3 : don't remember 'cuz I didn't care :trollface:
TinSoldier : come one guys, I told them we're going to solve it.
dev1,2 and 3 : tell them we're are working on it.
TinSoldier : really you're going to solve this ?
dev1,2 and 3 : *Laughing out loud* dude really ? you've spent to much time on this forum, now even you are starting to believe that we care about their remarks.