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Quality of Life Improvement for DoM Loyal Gamers


New member
Feb 16, 2021
Dear Management, Design & Development Team of DoM.

About a year + in the game. My in-game name Singapore with Alliance “Sparta 300” at 247 Space Age now. Here in are some of the quality of life improvements and tweaks.

a) Equipment set swaps for both different sets in a push of a button auto equip. Mainly apply to main-hall for those of us that have invested $$$ / Time, for both Defensive offline, and online offensive (Resource, Leaderboard Triumph points and pure NTG/Resource hybrid) - These are at least 3 completely dedicated set of artifact combinations including the legendaries.

b) Ability to assess the Army Stats view based on different types of War Artefacts combinations similar to Non-War. As War Players will be more committed to the game / community than “MOST” normal non war players.

Hope this can be taken seriously.