Season 3 - Evolution of History

Last week we asked you on Twitter and Facebook to try and guess the official name of the upcoming Season 3. Before we get to the selected winners of what the DomiNations team thought were the most creative answers, we’ll reveal the proper name of the Season!

Welcome to Season 3: Evolution of History!


When we asked you to give us your best guess at what the upcoming Season 3 might be titled you certainly delivered. Congratulations to our winners from Facebook and Twitter!

The top 5 guesses as chosen by the DomiNations team are:

Midsummer Nights
June’s Justice
Days of Future Past
Bright Days Ahead
Uncharted Ventures

As promised, these five Leaders will all receive the Season 3 Premium Pass!


As previewed on our Week Ahead that went live 5/28, you can expect Camel Cataphract, MRL recruitments, Legendary Tokens, and even more on the Free Track!

Let's not forget that the Premium Track will fill out your month with multiple Season 3 Chests that give you chances at the Augustus Statue Muscle Cuirass Legendary Artifact. You’ll also find a Camel Stable, Vickers Virginia, and Admiral Yi Troop Tactics!

This Season’s top 100 reward is the Legendary Artifact Flamma’s Helmet!

Evolution of History Changes
Starting 6/4 at 15:00 UTC you’ll see the following changes implemented into DomiNations

New Strategies!:
• MRL Missile Spread -60%
• MRL Fire Rate +33%
• MRL Damage +60%

Offensive Bonuses:
• Nobunaga Damage +50%
• Napoleon Damage +50%
• Heavy Cavalry Movement Speed +40%
• Machinegun Damage +60%
• Bomber Hitpoints +40%
• First Aid Heal +33%
• Inspiration Directive Movement & Attack Speed +25%
• Propaganda Directive Betrayal Damage Boost +100%

Defensive Bonuses:
• Air Defense Damage +60%
• Stable Defender Movement Speed +40%
• Stronghold Damage +60%
• Mortar Tower Attack Speed +20%
• S.A.M. Battery Damage +40%
• Spike Trap Range +1
• Wall Blessing Power +33%
• MKII Explosives Directive Damage Boost +50%
• Barbed Wire Directive Damage +40%
• Camel Stable Defender Damage & Hitpoints +50%
• Camel Stable Max Defenders +3
• Camel Stable Defenders per Wave +1

Special Troop Bonuses:
• MRL MK1 Missile Spread -60%
• MRL MK1 Fire Rate +33%
• MRL MK1 Damage +60%
• Admiral Yi Damage +50%
• Veteran Machine Gun Damage +60%
• Vickers Virginia Hitpoints +40%
• M46 Patton Movement Speed +40%
• Camel Cataphract Damage & Hitpoints +50%
• Camel Stable Population Bonus +5

Additional Bonuses:
• Alliance Speedup Cooldown -30%
• Alliance Law Food Donation Cost -50%
• Farm Generation Rate +20%
• Colosseum Additional Wave Cooldown -50%
• Colosseum Strength of the Gladiator Damage Bonus +50%
• Angkor Wat Trade Goods Gathered +33%
• Angkor Wat Heal +40%
• Unisphere Daily Rubies Gathered +100%
• Crop Blessing Power +50%
• Diamond Mine Citizens Required -3
• Diamond Mine Gold Gathered +100%

Evolution of History Special Sale 6/4 - 6/25
Kickstart your Season 3 experience with the Season 3 Special Sale. This Step-Up sale will get you up to 8 Season 3 Chests to try your hand at acquiring the Augustus Statue Muscle Cuirass Legendary Artifact. The step-up will also include a few season-boosted Troop Tactics including Admiral Yi and Vickers Virginia.

Evolution of History will last from 6/4 15:00 UTC to 6/25 15:00 UTC
‘Evolution of History’ is a ridiculous title. History is clearly done, it cannot “evolve”.