Season 7 - Swift & Stalwart


Be the first to the frontlines of battle as Season 7: Swift & Stalwart kicks off tomorrow at 11am EST! The preview went live in the Week Ahead post that went live on 3/3, and you’ve been able to pick up the Season 7 Pass Part 1 since 3/7. The pass will help you acquire plenty of Season Boosted Troop Tactics to get you a head start in the Season. Let's take a look at the rest of the upcoming changes you’ll be working with until 5/26!

Season 7: Swift and Stalwart
Does slow and steady win the race? Find out in Season 7: Swift & Stalwart! Prepare for extreme damage output from Armored Cars & Ranged Infantry while trading off a large amount of movement speed. Also, watch pridefully as your Towers decimate attackers by firing slightly weaker projectiles twice as fast!

This Season begins on 03/10 at 15:00 UTC and will end on 05/26 at 15:00 UTC.

New Offensive Strategies!
Ranged Infantry Damage +50%
Ranged Infantry Movement Speed -40%
Armored Car Damage +75%
Armored Car Hitpoints +75%
Armored Car Movement Speed -50%
Paratrooper Attack Speed +133%
Paratrooper Damage -55%

New Defensive Strategies!
Tower Fire Rate +100%
Tower Damage -40%
Spike Trap Damage +30%

Special Unit Bonuses:
Nobunaga Damage +50%
Petra Herrera Damage +50%
Propaganda Directive Damage Boost +150%
Surveillance Directive Duration +30%
Miyamoto Musashi Damage +50%
Nodachi Attack Speed +50%
Nodachi Hitpoints +50%
Humvee Range +1
Nighthawk Hitpoints +30%
Nighthawk Hangar Hitpoints+400%

Additional Bonuses:
Alliance Law Donation Oil Cost -50%
All Aircraft Train Time -80%
Space Needle Research Decrease +100% (Shows as -20% Research Time Reduction)
Eiffel Tower Peace Treaty Cooldown -3 Days
Barracks Upgrade Cost -40%
Factory Upgrade Cost -40%
Airstrip Upgrade Cost -40%

Much like each season prior, you’ll find a daily Supply Drop that has chances to give you Season Boosted Nodachi Samurai Army, Armored Car Mk3 Army, and Humvee Army Troop Tactics. The Supply Drops will be available from 3/10 - 5/26.

Mid-Season Update 2 5/5 11am EST: Factory, Barracks, Airstrip Upgrade Cost Discount. -50% Armored Car Movement Speed (Down from -75%)
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