Some ideas for new buildings, troops


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Feb 6, 2020
1. Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft Hangar
  • This is an event building that can be placed on the base for one week.
  • It summons aircraft only when defending, and alerts you of the threat of enemies coming into the aerial.
  • These aircraft move towards enemy aircraft that have invaded their base.
  • In aircraft summoned for defense, some buildings and traps within the radius receive special boosts. (This boost increases the damage of Air Defense, GCI radar, and S.A.M. Battery.)
  • Destroy the summoned aircraft with fighters, or destroy Hangar, the aircraft will also be destroyed.
  • Aircraft can be summoned once per battle, and if destroyed, they must be replenished with oil for reproduction.

2. MANPADS Arsenal
  • This is an event building that can be placed on the base for one week.
  • It only works when an enemy aircraft that has invaded is within the radius.
  • Troops summoned from this building can only deal splash damage to aircraft and helicopters.
  • Troops summoned from this building can do more damage to enemy helicopter troops.

3. Stealth tank, Stealth helicopter
  • It does not take direct damage from enemy defense buildings, but can summon enemy defenders.

4. Gunship
  • Unlike fighters that attack twice, these troops continue to support ground troops.
  • This troop has two attack modes, one for enemy buildings and one for defenders.
  • It fires a machine gun that reduces movement speed and damage at enemy defenders, and fires a cannon that can splash damage at enemy buildings.
  • The gunship attacks enemies while turning around based on where it was deployed. It also has a certain amount of cooldown.

5. Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
  • Among the enemy traps within the radius, the GCI radar and S.A.M. Battery can be detected.
  • By attacking enemy traps, you can neutralize them.

6. Electronic warfare aircraft
  • These troops can sabotage enemy buildings and traps through deception.
  • If a friendly troop is brought into the radius of deception by this aircraft, the friendly troops will not take damage for a short period of time.
  • When first deployed, the chaff can make nearby friendly aircraft stealth.
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