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    Due to the brief downtime of the game last weekend we'll be compensating all players with 150 Crowns and 3x 1h SpeedUps. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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Jan 7, 2015
I have had heaps of issues with crashes in this game since it started. I had a Sony Xperia Z, and the app used to crash all the time in battles, and multiplayer, and just when I did anything in a hurry - I ended up playing slowly... clicking things slower seemed to help.

...then this weekend I downgraded my phone - gave my daughter the Xperia coz she loves the Instagram (Xperia has a 13mp camera), and got her old Huawei 610S - slightly slower quad processor, crappy camera, crappier screen resolution.

Game works a TREAT! Haven't had a SINGLE CRASH since downgrading!!!!... and I've been HAMMERING the looting! I've done about 20 battles in 2 days... NOT....ONE... CRASH! So if you've got issues, just downgrade your phone and you'll be all good. (devs take note I'm sure it's to do with the lower resolution not taxing the machine as much- but that's just a guess)

So... if you're having game problems I feel bad for you son... I got 99 problems and the phone ain't one.