War attack crashes


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Oct 2, 2016
Age old topic but a crucial one. I have stable internet and a newer device. I was making an easy war attack. Just got the qv, tc and 50% when the game crashed. It wasn't the dead plane in the tray because I'd only sent the planes out once. It wasn't dropping troops at the newer forest area because they had already dropped and moved on. It was a regular crash for no apparent reason.

The traditional response is to report to cs and then maybe we get 200 crowns or 2 ninja tt. That's nothing compared to the cost of replacing the lost troops. 4 commandos, 5 mgs, 21 rpgs, 2 apcs, 5 planes, 1 bomber, 3 generals. There's no video retrain. Cs states it's impossible for them to replace the army yet we can receive recruit units via daily videos or be gifted tt during community events. Either they're incompetent or inept or nexon knows about this problem but doesn't care enough to make it right.

BHG_Muet TinSoldier will you please take steps to fix this? If you are will you share what's being done? At the very least can cs be authorized to replace what's been lost by the crashes?