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Welcome to the Drone Age


Greetings Leaders,

We are celebrating DomiNations 7th year, and we’re very excited to say the time has finally arrived to introduce our 16th Age, The Drone Age. You’ve waged battle alongside us for seven years through the ages, and for players who have progressed through the Information Age, a new set of upgrades await! The Drone Age will make its way to your devices in our next DomiNations 11.0 Release. This update includes new art upgrades to the units, buildings, and mercenaries, but that’s not all that is coming your way for Drone Age. We also have a new building, The Drone Factory, which will be released later this summer!

We’ll start by covering the upgrades available on day one. Once you reach XP level 333 you can upgrade your Town Center to Drone Age, unlocking all of the upgrades listed below. We know many of you are excited to start your planning phase, so here's the upgrade breakdown:


Building Upgrades:
BuildingsDefensive Buildings
AirstripAnti Tank Gun
Mercenary CampMachine Gun
CastleSniper Tower
ArmoryAir Defense
StrongholdMissile Silo
MarketBallista Tower
Oil RefineryGarrison
CaravanSignal Flare
Oil WellArmored Ambush Trap
Alliance GateGCI Radar
RoadsS.A.M. Battery
Rocket Arsenal


Troop Upgrades
The following troops will also receive additional levels.

Barrack TroopsFactory TroopsAirstrip
Spearhead InfantrySpearhead Machine GunSpearhead Fighter Mk6
Spearhead RiflemanSpearhead InfiltratorSpearhead Bomber Mk 6
MBT Mk6Heavy Tank Mk.14Spearhead Transport Mk 6
Spearhead Patrol RaiderSpearhead RPGSpearhead Airborne Infantry
Spearhead Supply VehicleArmored Car Mk.12Spearhead Recon Mk6
Spearhead Combat EngineerAPC Mk.11
Spearhead ArtillerySpearhead Tactical Helicopter
Spearhead Field MortarMRL Mk.9
Spearhead Attack Helicopter
Heavy Assault Vehicle Mk.4


Additional Buildings
So those are the units you can plan around to level up, but what about additional builds? Upon reaching Drone Age, players can build 1 extra unit for the S.A.M. Battery, the GCI Radar, the Signal Flare, Bunker, and seven extra walls.

Additional BuildingsIncrease
S.A.M. Battery+1
GCI Radar+1
Signal Flare+1

A level upgrade to the Mercenary Camp means there are new arrivals, the United Nations Peacekeeper and the Yatagan Tank. The United Nations Peacekeeper is a ranged infantry unit, while the Yatagan Tank is part of the Heavy Cavalry.

New Building - Drone Factory (working title)
While upgrades are expected with the arrival of a new age, we still have one more thing up our sleeve! Our team has been working hard on a new building called the Drone Factory which will introduce Offensive and Defensive Drones to DomiNations. These Drones will be useable in War and Multiplayer and will present Drone Age players with new strategic opportunities on both offense and defense. We’ve seen a few discussions online about Drones and can confirm that how these will be used in battle are as a new addition to gameplay and not connected to the Airstrip Recon plane upgrade.

The Drone Factory will not be available at launch but work is underway and we’re expecting it to launch later this summer. There’s plenty to talk about here, and we can’t wait to dive in and share all of the details. We know you have plenty of questions about what to expect once the Drone Factory releases, so be on the lookout for a future blog as we get closer to release!
All very interesting and I look forward to the news, even though it's still part of the cold war. However, I was frustrated by the absence of an additional house with more citizens. I hope you can re-evaluate this with care. A new home for 2 more citizens is really needed.
I also look forward to new research at the university and library, parliamentary laws, and significant updates to the Council building, as it has not yet become attractive.
Is it me or does the “Drone Factory (working title)” seem like an afterthought due to the luke warm response of the Drone Age trailer? I mean is it a Drone factory or not? If they have fully thought this out wouldn’t it be more than a working title? Don’t get me wrong I’m interested in what this new building will do but considering that it will be the only thing that will add something new to the game shouldn’t it have been released in the 11.0 update and have and actual name?
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I also look forward to new research at the university and library, parliamentary laws, and significant updates to the Council building, as it has not yet become attractive.
I agree. I was looking forward to working in my library, parliament and uni again.
I agree. I was looking forward to working in my library, parliament and uni again.

In The Wise post, it is possible to see a new skin for the university, but it doesn't say anything about upgrading this building. Either they forgot to mention it, or maybe it will come in future updates. Many ask still in the air. I'm sure the developers are working to bring us news and I really enjoyed the new skins and updates, but I think we're also very excited and waiting for more news.
An additional Factory & Airstrip would be good, as we have 3 Barracks now (that has virtually become obsolete), Factory and Airstrip troops still are the benchmark! Given the short-lived increase to Attack Helicopters hp & damage stat's, getting the balance between offensive and defensive strategies has never been achieved. Hope that can be addressed.
@TheWise With this update def players can quit game or change to off players.

You didn't add real defensive nation at all verses all off nation , no new coalition to defend against barrack troops (off have Aztecs and Cherokee, def nothing).
With last barrack update you destroy defensive part of game totally and with drone age you are putting last nail on coffin for defensive style of play.

Great is also to read you didn't add new house, new library research , new parliament laws, new university leader, but probably upgrades are all more than 20 days long and maybe you raise workers requirements for some buildings.

Really is to low 4 worker on one building, you need to make minimum 8 worker on one building and 45 days upgrade time 😜
I'm Cold War about to go Space, so I don't really have a dog in this one, but all the same, I'm not impressed.

Of course all the units are getting upgrades, awfully silly if they weren't. The only surprise on the buildings is an extra Bunker and the Arsenal gets an upgrade, otherwise, business as normal for a new age.

Where ya lost me on this is: Are we getting new university/library research? How about a new branch in the Library? Any addressing to the citizen crunch concerns? I'm sure everyone has other questions as well. So far, this is just fluff to get us excited, which ain't gonna cut it when we want the meat & potatoes.

And are you serious?! This the Drone Age and you don't have the Signature Feature ready for release?! How in the bloody nine hells did you think that was a good idea?! And don't think we haven't been catching the weird glitches lately. I honestly appreciate and applaud the video reward updates, but come on...glitched rewards?

We really want this Drone Age, but please make it worthwhile, not a rushed rollout that causes problems and disappointment. If you have to push it back a little bit, at least to run down as many gremlins as possible, please do so for us. Don't break the game in the short term to do this.

And gonna be shameless about it, spread some love somehow and someway to those of us still chugging along on our way to Drone Age.
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All I see is absolutely nothing for defense (as expected) to counter current meta and there are too many of those to cover as it is.
What is ofc very familiar for defenders is the need to upgrade all the buildings if you want to be competitive. So as I see it…you get your money in (hopefully) as usual from the defenders trying to get this done. It far outweighs what offense has to update.
As for summer for this drone factory…delay tactics to get all us defenders to spend first. You have shown to me over the years and with recent lack of information that you make up the rules as you go along and can change at any given time and without regard of how a player has invested their money based on the TOS that are even in print at the time. How stupid I’ve been to not realise that your TOS that do say you can do whatever and whenever are exactly that. Foolishly, I still thought you would have the integrity to not steal…but you have cleared up that misperception fully…so thank-you.
Enjoy “your property”…this gravy train has left the station.
Oh btw….what a pile of poo council is. Another crown graveyard…the worst I’ve seen and absolutely no certainty whatsoever in getting what you want. It’s just dumb…and ofc completely rubbish for defenders…but fab for offense. Funny that. I’m rocking my 10% invading fighter damage. Utter rubbish.
Will you enable instant TC upgrade to Drone Age ? How much citizens do we need to spare to upgrade TC? Thanks!
First, I would like to congratulate the designers for doing an excellent job with the new graphics. I think Drone age graphics will be the best age yet. With that said, I’m sorry to say I’m disappointed with the rest of this update.

We all know that offense is over powered compared to defense. The new Drone age upgrades will do little to change that. For all practical purposes this update will be a wash. Nothing will change. BHG, you had the opportunity to even the playing field but instead you gave the game a paint job and basically just added more upgrades on both offense and defense. After all these upgrades, offense and defense will basically still be in the same strength level versus each other. Offense will still be overpowered and dominate defense. Many additional reasons cause offense to be overpowered. Examples are as follows: Recon is simply to strong, sabotage duration time literally shuts down most big defenses. An attacker can bring 8 sabotages and shut down every single defense structure throughout the attack. Some of the troop cards like the Black Hawk, Stallion and the Eisenhowers are all to powerful especially when combined with the Recons. Your recent nerf of the attack helicopters did very little because these helicopters can be brought back to OP levels in the museum. A swarm of helicopter combined with Black Hawks and Recons are basically unstoppable.

Adding one Sam, GCI and Bunker will make very little difference for defense. What defense really needed was stronger air defense. Air defense structures need more range and power. Offense simply has to many OP air attack weapons. In many ways, the sabotage is a game killer for defenders.

I also don’t see any new Wonders nor new defense structures. It’s the same type of update as we’ve seen in the past except for the paint job. I for one give up worrying about defense. I plan to just upgrade offense and my bombers. Playing offense sounds more invading to me now. I just wish you would have taken the opportunity in this update to make dominations a more balanced strategic wargame. I’m sad to see nothing has changed.
I must agree with all the whining of defensive players.
Unfortunately upgrading the arsenal, getting 1 more bunker, SAM and CGI is really little for defense when compared to current attack power with all your meta combos.
Unless we're surprised by more substantial upgrades to defensive buildings in damage and health, defensive players who work a lot harder in this game will continue to be at a disadvantage.

It's not cool to see wars always ending with 100% stars obtained. This makes the game always predictable, boring and the wars always very similar.
Are you going to rebalance some factory troops such as MRL or APC?
This could be a nice opportunity make these units viable or at least attractive to use.
Btw, good job for this new age!!
Are you going to rebalance some factory troops such as MRL or APC?
This could be a nice opportunity make these units viable or at least attractive to use.
Btw, good job for this new age!!
The MRL needs a range boost at least, but I can tell you there's not a thing wrong with the APC. That's my main troop and you can go check my posts over in the General Discussion and Strategies section on their strengths, weaknesses and use.
The MRL needs a range boost at least, but I can tell you there's not a thing wrong with the APC. That's my main troop and you can go check my posts over in the General Discussion and Strategies section on their strengths, weaknesses and use.
I've to check some strategies but I see them too fragile, in my view they should have (at least) the same HP as armored cars.
We don't know many details based on a generic teaser, so there's no point in making a game-wide proclamations based on it. We've not even seen the Library. Every other Age adds a Wonder, so makes 100% sense why this wouldn't. The pressure on Drone Age is too high, it's impossible for it to meet people's expectations.
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