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    Conisdering a nation switch. Need advice

    Thanks for all these comments. I look forward to reading through them again and considering the best choice for me.
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    Conisdering a nation switch. Need advice

    I'm a gun powder age Romans player almost ready to go up to enlightenment. I am leaning toward English or French but I am open to anything. So what nation should I switch to and why?
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    The 1st Dynasty

    Seems your join button is disabled for 2nd Dynasty?
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    Update Notes for v2.2.x (iOS and Android)

    I think you should change the games name to Dominerf! ENOUGH NERFING!!!!!! Really, Im not all that broken up over this nerf. I only use the animal blessing occasionally, but you guys have done so many needs now, its annoying to see even small ones.
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    Weekly Feedback Thread: Thoughts on Raiders!

    Iron Angel, from a business perspective, the devs have sent a message they can't possibly want us believing. Maybe you guys are gonna nerf raiders and maybe you won't. But that is what everyone expects out of you guys. Every time a unit performs above the rest, it gets nerfed. We all fully...
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    Big Huge Update 8/6/2015

    I would be curious as to what your data is on horse use is now. I imagine like many previous HC users like myself that the nerf was indeed crippling. I found that HC spam was in fact, NOT effective. I would also be curious to see some published data as to what you are saying about the HC.
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    NOW LIVE: Industrial Age Update

    I want alliance wars too but that just can't take priority over what was mentioned above. Seriously, did you read all that they did? Let's just see how this update goes
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    You nerfed the wrong unit

    I hesitate to say the raiders even need tweaking for fear of what the devs will do. I could just see raiders now, running around placing flowers in gun barrels at break neck speeds. There's been enough nerfing, don't you think? Maybe it should be a mechanics change instead. Perhaps the better...
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    Oil Boom Balance Update

    Come on have to respond to all this. You have 61 posts concerning your update and 59 hate it.
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    Bombard strat help

    I am one of the players that had a cavalry centered attack strategy that can no longer use it since the update so now will be switching to bombards. Would like some suggestions on using them. What does your raiding group consist of? What do you usually use your first and second rally's on...
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    Oil Boom Balance Update

    This is actually really impressive. I don't know that I have ever seen a gaming community so united with the same opinion. Devs, maybe you guys should try your hand at bringing peace to the middle East. =}
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    Greek & French- Surviving the Latest Update.

    So I guess the devs took a look at all the French and Greek players in this game and decided we must be killing diversity...oh wait..well whatever. This update probably hurt your feelings the way it did mine. I had spent time and effort working out a good, well thought out raiding group. I...
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    Oil Boom Balance Update

    Well..I WAS a cavalry player. Not a cavalry spammer. I built a good, well mixed raiding group that was supported by spears, guns, a supply wagon and 4 tactics all focused on one theme of killing enemy defenses. Guess I will be switching to foot soldiers and bombards now. Hey devs, you know...
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    ~DomiActive~ *Premier Alliance Seeking New Members*

    Have played this game for over three months now and have bounced around several alliances. I don't have commitment issues, I just wanted to find a place that was my fit. This place is it. These guys are active in both donation AND chat. Come on over and see if you can keep up with the top...
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    Customer support thumbsup

    I've had good results from support also. I reported a crash during a raid where I lost 12 cav and they compensated me for the loss. The compensation wasn't huge, but it more than made up for my lost troops, so I wouldn't expect more than that. The reason maybe support took a long time on...