4.7 'The High Seas!' Update Notes - Now available


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May 16, 2016
The High Seas! v4.7 Update Notes

v4.7X ‘The High Seas’ update of DomiNations is here!

  • Go on overseas adventures to bring back resources, mercenary armies, and brand new Troops and Blessings!
  • Send a General to captain the voyage and bring back additional rewards
  • Explore more destinations by upgrading your Dock
New Troop: Armored Car
  • Heavy raiding vehicle which deals bonus damage against both Resource Buildings and Defending Infantry
  • Constructed at the Level 5 Factory
New Defense: Sniper Tower
  • Unlike other defensive buildings, Sniper Towers fire at the furthest target in range
  • Very long range, but has a “blind spot” at close range
  • High damage (one shot, one kill against infantry) but slow rate of fire
  • Available in Industrial Age
The Estate
  • Starting in the Medieval Age, the luxurious Estate can be purchased from the Treasure tab in the Store and adds 3 additional Citizens to your Town!
Aircraft and Building Upgrades
  • All-new upgrades for the Bomber, Fighter, and Transport available at the Armory
  • The Library can now be upgraded to Level 9
  • New techs at the new level 9 Library: Shipping, Spoils of War, Deception, and High Explosives
  • The Factory can now be upgraded to Level 5
Balance Update
  • Commando troop space reduced to 10 (was 15)
  • Warfare Chapter 4 reduces Commando troop space by 2 (was 3).
  • The lowest you can reduce the initial spawn time of defender factories is now 2 sec (was 4)
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Sale window now allows for tapping on the sale items to learn more
  • Fixed the issue where 5 star victories would not reliably earn you a Diamond
  • Improved replay accuracy
  • Improved game load time
  • Improved Commando AI to consider targets behind walls as farther away to avoid suicide pathing
  • Bunker upgrade window now shows next fill level
  • Event troops are now affected by all techs/wonder bonuses
  • Fixed various crashes related to improperly loading data
  • Fixed crash from trying to get decoy values for spell levels that are higher than decoy's max level.
  • Prevented a crash by hiding the Event icon if Event data isn’t available
  • Prevent crashes related to Emojis in Alliance names
  • Unicode characters in World War donate messages no longer cause viewers to be unable to log in
  • 2nd General retraining now displays Oil cost instead of appearing to be free
  • Improved performance on Train Generals window
  • Fixed World War report damage percentage displaying over 100%
  • Fix for abusing the dismiss troops button in the training screen to overcap
  • No longer able to retrain Tactics you don't have unlocked
  • Increased the number of Tactic slots in the battle prep window
  • Fixed bonus combat Trade Goods not being awarded in World War
  • Fixed display troop slots being set to an incorrect level
  • Wonder bonus amounts now receive Library tech effects
  • Wonder stats are now correctly applied after a Wonder replace
  • Donate Troop window updates to grey out troops that have too much cap to donate
  • Changed Battle Tactics Chapter 5 text to match effect power "+20% Decoy hitpoints"
  • Coalition troop buffs now have visual effects
  • Fixed event progress local notif being wrong.
  • Troop cap error message when training troops to the max of the queue without an Airstrip now appears correctly
  • Fixed citizens being sent home instead of to new building sites
  • Fixed “finish” button correctly appearing on the Barracks when you're over your troop cap
  • Fix for logging discrepancies when dropping troops after a battle has completed, but before results screen shows up
  • Research slot in the armory now opens the upgrade win on a unit that is currently upgrading
  • Fixed health bars showing up on air units after watching a replay
  • Protect damage reduction stat now has proper icon
  • Troops in Upgrade win now also show their damage bonus stat changes
  • Hooked up info windows to items in inventory
  • Put a rearm guitar pick on the Bunker (the icon above a building)
  • Fixed an inventory slot calling the wrong info window for Event Armies
  • Fixed panel cutoff in train troops window
  • Fixed anchoring in University window to prevent citizen heads from disappearing when adding oil
  • Fixed scroll bars in the World War choose participants screen and the World War report battles screen
  • Fixed claim button visibility in attack history
  • Added University bonuses to temple blessing preview
  • Fighters now show "Damage against Tanks" (was "Damage against Defenders")
  • Command post overflow reminder no longer appears repetitively
  • Gold mine no longer appears in age up screen
  • Security Improvements
  • Minor text edits
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Apr 23, 2016
Love updates... hopefully will adrress some issues... even though not listed
@Nb4poweruo .... do we have a timeframe?



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Oct 22, 2015
Thanks nb4 for posting the notes early.

New content is nice, and I'm happy there are some bug fixes in it.

But to be honest (and I'm sure annoying because i talk about it so much), I'd trade every bit of this update in a heartbeat for a fix to sandbagging/stacking and stalemates. New content just doesn't do anything for me anymore when these two issues exist.


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Jun 19, 2016
I swear a few months ago I made I DomiNations suggestion that involved the sniper tower as part as an event that as I stated one shots infantry and has high range

Lord Wayne

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Jul 30, 2016
I love the idea of going overseas to bring back resources!
Its nice to expand the game beyond a single parcel of land.

This looks like a great update! I am excited!


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May 31, 2016
I'd guess a few folks tossed around the sniper idea. I thought it would have been cool to have an offensive sniper that stays along the tree line. At least with this we can hope to pick off a few British range units before they close in... (No offense Brits!)


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Sep 6, 2016
Hope the 3 additional citizens won't cost a bomb. We really need more citizens


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Jan 25, 2016
Thanks for keeping us informed, Nb4powerup! Appreciate it! :)

Looking forward to the upgrades to aircraft, and the new library technologies. :cool:
Hopefully, the High Explosives chapters bring back the balance to the Demolition tactic.
Quite excited to see Expeditions in action soon. Looking forward to it!
Not so looking forward to the sniper tower - hopefully, they don't one shot, one kill the howitzers and supply trucks. :rolleyes:

On a lighter note, finally, there's going to be some good use for the generals, other than having them attack farms during battles. :p

Looking forward to "The Road to Better World War Matchmaking" soon! Appreciate keeping us updated about it yesterday! Hopefully, the wait along that road isn't too long :)
Cheers! Keep the updates coming! :)

P.S. You can probably make this thread 'sticky'
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Apr 17, 2016
Cmon guys why complain. This is one of the best updates so far. The dock is becoming useful. The commando is becoming useful . New library researched should be cool.

As for sandbagging, its not as much of a NEXON issue as it is human behaviour. We as human always exploit a loophole if possible, isn't it the human tendency. At our alliance we do not sandbag, but i still don't see how NEXON is to be blamed. WIn some, lose some. Take it or leave it.

For war replays, once again a big no. People spend hours deciding a strategy to decimate a tough base. And as a victim you want all that to be revealed at the push of a button. No way.


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Jun 22, 2015
Seems a good update. I may call the update of commando it hopefully be a useful unit now and probably a buff for Germans.