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4.7 'The High Seas!' Update Notes - Now available

Unsymmetrical Trashcan

Approved user
Jan 12, 2016
Cmon guys why complain. This is one of the best updates so far. The dock is becoming useful. The commando is becoming useful . New library researched should be cool.

As for sandbagging, its not as much of a NEXON issue as it is human behaviour. We as human always exploit a loophole if possible, isn't it the human tendency. At our alliance we do not sandbag, but i still don't see how NEXON is to be blamed. WIn some, lose some. Take it or leave it.

For war replays, once again a big no. People spend hours deciding a strategy to decimate a tough base. And as a victim you want all that to be revealed at the push of a button. No way.

Note: Not complaining here, just expressing my own opinions. If you have something to oppose, then go ahead.

If exploits exist, then yes the person using that exploit is the one to blame or be hated, but Nexon is also responsible for the situation. You know why? Because they are the DEVELOPERS of the game (or maybe big huge games IDK) , they should be fixing the exploits, hackers and stuff.

And also your opinion for the war replays, if you really hate people knowing strategies in one click, then they should remove the defensive replays as well, and only leaving attack replays, because the defender will know your "strats" even though most of them are archer spammers with lancers and supply carts.


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Apr 17, 2016
U know what ? Am actually in favour of removing defensive replays pvp as well. But this works for nexon in an indirect way to increase customer base. Let's say if they were absent. Then few active and really interested people would come out with a strategy to defeat opponents and hence loot them. Many who were not good at attacking initially either had to rely on their alliance members to teach them, or they would have moved on to other games considering attacking tooo difficult. Hence some of the attack strategies (like rally , concentrate forces then drop protect ) which are so common due to replays would be known only to few. People who genuinely discovered them with their own thought process would be at advantage. But that would disinterest a lot of people and they would have quit.

Brand Marrow

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Jan 21, 2016
lol, yes I think they stuck that in there to see if anyone was paying attention...no idea what it means....