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A waste of 48 hours


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Aug 26, 2016
BHG, for informational purposes thought I would share with you Tacticals Elites new war. It’s probably our worse mismatch ever. We have 30 Drone age against our opponents 4 Drone age. I sure hope you haven’t given up working on a new war matching system. Most of our players and probably the opponents players will most likely be watching movies, shopping, playing other games and definitely not playing Dominations much for 48 hours.

This in return will cost BHG revenues. Please try to fix this for both players and yourselves. Thank you


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Feb 28, 2018
just start 10vs10 wars, there is a better balance ;-)

in addition, I think that 30 drone age are a very specific search. Unfortunately you can't filter the alliance roaster at domistats. (sorted descending by glory) there are only 11 alliances among the first 200 alliances that also have 30 drones. What do you think the probability is that they are searching with a similar lineup at the same time? If you then consider that glory also plays a role, then the chances becomes even smaller.

Maybe you should diversify your war lineup a bit more.
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