Banned for suspicious activity - what?


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Apr 11, 2016
As leader of my alliance I was banned today for what reason? I am playing since the beginning of DomiNations (my player # is in the 800k's), using no illegal software, even I have no jailbreaked device. So, what's going wrong with my account?
Last week, another player of my alliance was banned because of a bug that makes him possible to buy more buildings than allowed, he's back because it was a bug caused by Nexon. Am I the next victim? I have additionally walls (2) and traps since a bug/glitch, more than 7 months ago, CS couldn't fix this bug since now (within many updates). So, is this the reason for banning me permanently? I'm handling this game with all bugs, glitches, server and connection problems, cheaters and hackers since more than one year, investing a big amount of money to climb up the ladder, trying to keep together my alliance with competitions by winning crowns, paid by me, my co leaders and councils with real money, maintaining a Facebook alliance page with chat, trying to keep our family alliance in the top 40, having world wars against cheating alliances....and all I get is beeing banned for what, Nexon?

I am totally disappointed...

Nb4powerup, can you please check?
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Oct 3, 2017
Has this been resolved for everyone?

I, also just got banned, and explicitly accused by Game Master Enrique of "manipulating" the game. I've only been (obsessively) playing the game for 14 days: engaging in battles and completing the "free offers" in the Store. I was doing quite well in the game until out of nowhere I was banned. I'm not sure where these accusations are coming from. I study literature and art history, I don't know anything about programming or hacking games or other cheats. I'm just confused and annoyed. More than anything, I want an apology. No one has ever accused me of cheating let alone a game that has taken up way too much of my time. Should I suspect that I've been banned because I'm doing to well without spending $ on the game to obtain perks and other rewards? It seems this has happened to so many people. This is shady and unethical business practices; I hope this is not the case.

For those who still have ongoing problems and/or have been completely brushed off by Nexon: Should we iTunes App Store or the equivalent of your device to report this game/developer? This is just straight up ridiculous!