Camoflage and Beacon towers(War Strategy)

Mustafa Hwarang

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Jan 6, 2015
Ding Ding Ding!! :D A new war strategy just crossed my mind! Well the head topic name speaks for itself. I think that it would be a great idea, if we could camoflage our offensive troops witch means that they can attack buildings and deffenders without being seen, and take damage of course.. Like ghosts attacking something, for of course a short amout of time (which can be upgraded). The deffender in the otherhand should have a like beacon tower that reveals those hiddin soldiers within its range (surprise)!! If the Camoflage is level 1 and the beacon tower is level 2.. Then the camoflage will not work. If the beacon tower is level 1 and the camoflage is level 10 then it will work.. If the level are even, then those troops should take 50 % of damage. So thats my idea. Hope u liked it And oh yeah. Make a miximum of 4 towers so people can deffend their base at all 4 corners. The beacon tower in should start by a low tower witch gets higher by upgrade, then evolves to have some binoculars to infrared vision / night visions to satellites ect. as u advance through age :)
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