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Catapults and Stronghold?


New member
Dec 5, 2022
I’m interested in where players are placing both their Catapults/Mortars and Stronghold? Do they deserve supporting defensive-buildings to create ‘kill-zones’ or are they lethal enough alone? Splash Damage is devastatingly strong versus most standard Heavy Infantry and Ranged Infantry when grouped together. Furthermore the knock-back effect can become nerve-wracking if you have upgraded Walls and other higher HP structures that your Army must destroy first.

Only Generals and Heavy Cavalry can withstand attacks from Catapults/Mortars however coupling with the Anti-Tank Tower and this combo will help eliminate the opponents army as quickly as their deployment.

Should they be closer towards the front or back and how defended? I often utilize Sniper Towers and Redoubts/Machine Gun Towers together with Bastion support nearby Versailles to pick off remaining units.