Constantly spinning circles


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May 6, 2022
Why this bug came up in the first place? What is the root cause of this major bug? Please tell us.
We're still researching the root cause, and unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you right now.

We're still making progress on fixes and we do have another patch on the way. There are A LOT of pieces to the underlying issue, and I'm hoping to get a forum update out here soon to try and clear up a lot of the confusion that's been going on.


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Jun 19, 2021
Platform: Android
Device: samsung galaxy note 10+
Issue with spinning circle after every war battle and half of raid battle and then lost of retrain. It goes to retrain screen for ~2s then the spin starts. Even if I try to quickly click retrain , it goes to video part but after that still lost troops and tatics. It's been there for a month plus. Please fix as i feel meaningless to play now