Donating troops does not work?


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Apr 6, 2015
So I had the initial problem of not being able to repair the alliance gate (stuck in tutorial bug) which has since been resolved.
I then joined an Alliance (Pax Romana) and wanted to happily donate troops.

As it turns out, whenever I tried to, it wouldn't allow me.
I could tap the button to donate whatever troop I had, but it didn't seem to transfer?

As a result, because I was only really requesting and not donating (not my fault!) I was unfortunately removed from the Alliance.

Does anyone else have problems donating troops? I think there may be a link with this and the bug which was resolved prior.
Just want to make sure I can donate troops properly before I join another alliance...


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Apr 13, 2015
I'm having a flip of this problem. I requested troops, my fellow alliance member donated 5 of the 6 I requested, but none of them are available to me in my barracks or in fights, and whenever I put in a new request it still reads as 5/6