Leveling up (xp) bug


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Oct 22, 2017
So here I am in Atomic Age, excited as f*#k! Ready to conquer the Dominations world. But then to my annoyance I find out there's an XP bug.

Anyways, I was/am level 211 and I needed 2.500 xp to reach level 212. Last morning I decided to spead up 2 upgrades (fighter plane MK6 and Pentagon stage 1) which are worth well over 5.000 xp and sure enough I reach 212. So I do 1 attack and go offline. I come back online less than an hour later and realise that I'm still level 211 but those upgrades that I spead up all up to date.

Straight away I think it's a bug. I contacted CS and they told me and I quote "our Devs aware of this bug but don't know how to rectify it...... yet"

Well hot-diggity-damn!!! What am I supposed to do now? I want my XP and I want it now. Anyone else having this issue or am I the only lucky one?


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May 17, 2018
I am in the spot with you on the reverse. What do I mean.....I was counting the xp much like you do and had 10 workers available, level 219 XP 18212 out of 22990.
I then started working of the 3rd level of Sydney Opera and log out immediately.

Next time I was online I find out that I had 21582 out of 22990 and shortly after a trap was done and I was finally 220!

I went crazy to understand HOW I got that XP. Well, 21582-18212=3370. It is the amount of XP you get when you finish one wonder stage. I got it twice! When started and when finished!!!!

So, in my case, the bug was in my favor. In your case, it subtracted the XP. It is a bug connected with atomic age wonders I guess. The XP you lost is from the wonder stage 100%

P.S. I have pics that prove what I say above.


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Aug 2, 2018
You should be peeeseed off. And how do we know if owed XP has been added to our accounts? Or when will it be added? Will they inform us by private messaging or send us a pigeon mail? Hell, I'll settle for a smoke signal.....

All this uncertainty is making me anxious and annoyed.