MRL stats: anybody know which is correct?


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Nov 14, 2017
Guys, I've kinda messed around with MRLs ages ago, but haven't used em for maybe a year. In my experience, MRLs are just too low in hp, they die quickly, and sure they have multiple rockets, but their firepower is way too weak.

I'm looking at the MRL Mk3 in my Factory. The stats show 2,425hp (still weak), 889 damage per rocket with 11 rockets per attack (ie. that would be 9,779 dmg per attack, which would be pretty decent), attack speed of 5 seconds (so 1,956 dmg per second, dividing 9,779 by 5 seconds). Made me think, WOW!, maybe it's worth giving MRLs a try again...

Then I saw in my Armory, if I upgrade my MRL Mk3s to MRL Mk4s, the upgraded stats would be 2,640hp (still weak as), but only 181 dmg per second... Huh?! That's not even close to the 1,956 dps that my Mk3s already get (supposedly).

Thinking about this, even an Elite Rifleman shoots with 318 dmg per second (vs defenders). Surely an MRL has gotta have more firepower than a Rifleman, right???

Anybody know which stat is correct? It feels like Nexon have known about this Factory vs Armory different statistics problem for awhile now...
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Aug 26, 2015
First the damage showed is damage per second not shot. So the 9779 damage is actually per second. Each attack takes 5 seconds so each attack damage should be 9779*5. Please correct me if I'm wrong.