New War Tactics - Attack Buildings/Attack Defenders


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Apr 29, 2016
When Information Age is introduced, I would like to see two new war tactics that take advantage of improved communication technology. When activated, Attack Buildings would override troops normal targeting for a period of time, say 5 or 10 seconds. This would let me tell my heavy tanks to stop defending themselves from foot soldiers and destroy the anti tank guns that are really hurting them.

This is different to Sabotaging the anti tank guns because if there are waves of defenders the Sabotage might run out before all the defenders are killed. With Attack Buildings the anti tank guns would be gone and the tanks could take their time with the defenders. It is also different to Assault Rally because that only overrides normal targeting for one building, so if there is a cluster of anti tank guns my tanks go back to killing nearby foot soldiers after the first one is destroyed.

The opposite tactic, Attack Defenders, would let me tell my infiltrators to temporarily defend themselves. I would use it in conjunction with First Aid, which is usually useless for infiltrators since they normally don't stay in one place long enough. Or I could use it to call my heavy tanks to the rescue of my bazookas instead of continuing to destroy that terrifying market. This tactic is less useful and I only suggest it for balance.

I'm not sure whether the new tactics should be global or radius-limited like Assault Rally. Both have pros and cons, but I think limited is probably best.

I can think of ways the Attack Buildings tactic could be used with Heavy Tanks to run through a base, but if the effect was short I don't think it would be OP.