UPDATED 11/30: 2.5 Known Issues

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FIXED: Peace Treaty Expires/Breaks
: Some players intermittently experience shortened/terminated Peace Treaties
Workaround: We have fixed some issues surrounding Peace Treaties! Players should see improved performance for their treaties.

FIXED: Error 103 on download (Android)
Some players are unable to download the new version and are getting a package signing error
Workaround: There is now a client update available that should resolve this issue.

FIXED: Crashing in Combat (Android)
Some specific device types may see more combat crashes after updating to 2.5
Workaround: New assets for many Android devices were released mid November, fixing many performance issues.

WORKS AS INTENDED: Xigncode Error (Suspicious activity detected)
Players may get this pop up on launch after updating to 2.5
Workaround: This tool detects applications that allow players to edit app data on device; uninstall these tools and launch DomiNations again

Asset Bundle Download Error
Some players may experience an error installing 2.5 relating to asset bundle download failures
Workaround: We are investigating the cause of this behavior; in the interim, players can sometimes work around the issue by installing on a different network and/or switching to a wifi connection. We've reverted the change that may have caused this in the next update.

Training Blessing can cause odd behavior in training times using Retrain
Players using the Training Blessing and Retrain can experience inconsistent training times and results
Workaround: Removing training units from the troop training queue and re-adding typically clears the issue

League Leaderboard is blank
Summary: After Leagues reset, the League Leaderboard appears empty. Player and Alliance populate correctly
Workaround: League Leaderboard will appear correctly after promotion/demotion to a new League

Attacks do not appear in logs
If an attacker crashes before completing combat, the attack and defense logs will not appear
Workaround: None at this time
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