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Why would i want troop tactics between planes and troops


Approved user
Dec 13, 2017
The interface update was implemented, per the update notes, “to make deploying troops easier”
well, I actually agree with them. It’s 100% easier to accidentally misclick my stronghold troops and waste them in battle now. If you think this is complete crap, I encourage you to open up your stronghold, click the stronghold troops, and clock the red minus next to them. That will remove them from your bar in regular battles and prevent wasting them by mistake. This seems like a blatant cash grab ploy as troop cards must be a source of income. I will just add them in as needed for war, etc.
Fun side note: you can use your troop cards when doing a friendly challenge against an ally’s base and get your card back, if you didn’t already know. I tested it to be sure